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SHAPE: All sizes are nominal and include 10mm mortar joint, for example … 190mm actual height + mortar = 200mm


AREA: 12.5 full blocks/m?
MORTAR: 1 m? of mortar will lay 1000 blocks (shell bedded)
CONTROL JOINTS: Shall be built into masonry at points of potential cracking and at the locations shown on the drawings.
In no case greater than 8 metres spacing.
MORTAR: Shall conform to AS 3700 Table 2.1. For normal work, M3 Mortar shall consist of:

1 part portland cement-5 parts clean sand-0.005 parts Dynex (or equivalent) water thickener
and clean water

For work requiring high durability, M4 Mortar shall consist of:

1 part portland cement-4 parts clean sand-0.005 parts Dynex (or equivalent) water thickener
and clean water

MORTAR JOINTS: Bed joints and perpendicular joints shall be 10mm thick. In hollow blockwork, mortar shall be face shell bedded and for structural work, shall be ironed.
Use 10mm rounded aggregate. Clean all spilt mortar from bottom of core before filling with concrete.

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Classic FRC Columns The Classic Architectural Column completes the range. This smooth cylinder is available in 195mm and 250mm diameters and in standard lengths of 2.75m and 4m that can be cut or joined together as needed. Also available are a wide range of capitals (collars for the top and bottom of the columns) to suit the décor of your home.

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